Fleet of Vehicles

Our company has its own fleet of vehicles, currently consisting of 32 vehicles of various volumes and masses. Every vehicle is GPS monitored and equipped with its own navigation system. Moreover, every driver has a mobile phone available to ensure immediate check of position and availability and flexibility of providing the vehicle as needed by our clients. To ensure quality of our services, we are very particular about the quality of our fleet, therefore our trucks are replaced every year. At present, the average age of our vehicles is 2 years to minimise the risk of breakdown on the road. To maximise satisfaction of our clients, we do our best to meet all the deadlines of loading and unloading operations.

Every vehicle is covered by transporter’s liability insurance.

Number of vehicles in each category:

Semi-trailer truck: 20
Tautliner rigid vehicle with trailer: 2
Tautliner rigid vehicle: 4
Tautliner van: 5
Box van: 1